Sunday, January 9, 2011

Roller Derby Workout Challenge - Let's Get Started!

Hiya! I'm beginning this blog as an attempt to track myself as I endure the 8-week Roller Derby Challenge. What is the Roller Derby Challenge, you ask? It's an 8-week program designed by the ladies of the Roller Derby Workout and fitness experts, specifically for roller derby athletes. The goal is to transform me from a roller derby girl into a roller derby athlete.

I am aware that I am beginning this at the beginning of the new year, but I wouldn't go so far as to call this my "New Year's Resolution." I've recently noticed that I'm hitting a plateau when it comes to my endurance. I think this challenge will help push me past the plateau.

This 8-week challenge is already spelled out in terms of weekly meal plans, workouts, and homework assignments. I don't think it could get much easier than that. The only difficult part will be applying these plans. I will admit that i will probably skew some of the meal plans, but not greatly. I guess only time will tell. Below are the questions included in week one's homework assignment. Well, let's get started!
1) What do you hope to gain from the Roller Derby Workout Challenge?
I hope to gain better strength and endurance. I also hope to get my healthy eating habits back on track.
2) After reading the Nutritional Guidelines what seems like the biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge will be eliminating sugar and refined carbs. I love breads and pastas! I just need to make better choices and look for whole wheat. It will also be difficult to cut out soda and juice. Sometimes I just need something fizzy!
1) What do you think will be the hardest nutrition guideline for you to follow?
Cutting out sugars, carbs, soda, and juice.
2) We want you to think before you eat, do you think before you shop?? Name three derby owned businesses.

Roller Derby Workout, Rolling Thunder Fun Factory, Sin City Skates
3) What is one thing that you have in your fridge or pantry that you thought was healthy but may now be rethinking?
Hmm...maybe my sliced bread. I should have gotten the whole wheat instead of the honey oat.
4) Do you know your league history? Who founded your league and in what year?
Our league is quite new. I'm pretty sure Eva Brawl had the idea and it was only back in 2010.
5) How did you come up with your derby name?
I pondered for weeks. I wanted something recognizable, a little classy, put that still packed a punch.
6) Attach a photo to your note that conveys how you feel going into this challenge. It can be of you, or of an object, or something you find on the web.
Bye, bye Chinese take-out!
Day 31
If you want to check out the complete details on what I'm doing for this challenge, search for Roller Derby Workout Challenge on Facebook.